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October 24, 2006

ok, we’ve slacked long enough and so I’m testing this out to make sure it works


The end of an era??

September 6, 2006

Hardly.  I wasn’t in the workforce that long, but it feels weird nonetheless.  Today is my last day of work.  Am I sad? No, not particularly.  I feel a little funny that’s all.  Funny weird…not funny haha.  I’m thinking back and wondering, “Okay, was that little detour worth it? And was it really a detour?”  I don’t think it necessarily was.  I think it was a path that I felt compelled to take.  It got Jeff and I out of Atlanta and out on our own.  It enabled me to recognize what a crazy place the workforce really is and how working for the government can be crazy all on its own. But I wouldn’t call it a detour. Seriously, a detour is something that gets you to the same place you were originally intending to go.  I’m not sure I knew where I intended to go before I took that path.  I think with September 11th, 2001 happening, my job choices out of college were severely limited.

Did i choose the right path?  What’s the point in contemplating that?  My gut says yes, without a doubt.  I’ve (and we’ve) got some great things to show for the path that I/we chose.  I found out that I love coaching basketball.  We own our own house.  We’re starting a family.  It’s pretty much just bitchin’.  🙂

Overall, I think I took the right path to get where I need to be.  Right now, every internal compass is telling me that the “right” place and the most fulfilling place for me to be is at home with our new baby.  One of my friends begs me not to lose sight of “me.”  I don’t think I will.  I’m continuing to coach, and I’m definitely the type of person to continually reassess the situation.  We’ll see where this path takes me and Jeff.  I’m excited about it.

So yeah, today was my last day at work.  We had a nice lunch.  Jeff got to meet all of my coworkers.  I recognized even more so how blessed I’ve been in life.  This adventure reminds me to always give thanks–for what I have, the paths I’ve chosen, and the paths that will open themselves to me in the future.

I have a lot of different thoughts running through my head right now, so I can’t promise that this post will really follow any particular theme.

Let’s just say that I’m ready for Baby Girl to be born. I thought I was doing so well…you know, making progress every week…UNTIL TODAY. My Dr didn’t even lie to me. She just said, “Eh, about the same.” Nice. Uh, hello? Want to know what makes a hormonal pregnant woman even more crazy? She could have said, “Eh, about a centimeter and a half.” hahaha…I’m talking HALF A FREAKING CENTIMETER HERE. At least I would have felt like I was moving in the general area of the right direction!!

It doesn’t help when I read about other women on my board who are due right around my same time and either going into labor already or are dialated to 3-4 centimeters. Good grief.

But, at the same time…what’s amazing to me is that I’m not as crazed/anxious/antsy as I could be. Seriously–some of the women on my preggo board are quite literally insane about it. One said she cried for HOURS after her doctor appointment this morning because there was no change from last week. Uh, no. That wouldn’t be me. I’m enjoying my quiet time. I’m baking, reading Harry Potter (again), and just lounging around in general. I figure I’ve got to get in the lolling while I still can. So am I ready for our baby to make her grand entrance? Hell yes…but am I going to go out and buy some castor oil tonight? Oh hell no. I like my veg time too much to go through that!!

Just kidding…I like to make Jess roll her eyes by correcting her in front of strangers saying, “Babe, it’s pronounced Lah-mah-zay.”  Jess and I finished up our Lamaze classes this week and man is that a relief. Not so much because of the fact that I’m a guy sitting in a room full of preggos, but because of the fact that as least half of those preggos didn’t seem to know as much about their condition as I did…and that stunned me!

One thing that Jess likes to do is attend classes. She has said on more than one occasion that she’d be perfectly happy as a full time student. Personally, I couldn’t wait to get out of school and get to work. Anyway, when we had the chance to sign up for classes, Jess didn’t blink before signing us up for 3 — infant safety and CPR, breastfeeding, and Lamaze. The first two were a few hours each but the Lamaze class was 4 days (one/week) for 3 hours each…ugh. I was hesitant about attending the breastfeeding class with Jess (thinking it was only for the mothers) but I have to say that it was pretty informative, as was the infant safety and CPR class. I learned a lot in each having never spent much time around infants. Having been to those two already, we found the Lamaze class got pretty dull after a while because it was a lot of review. It was good to have some of the information again, but overall it wasn’t nearly as informative as I wanted it to be. Overall, I liked the classes and would highly recommend them for new parents. I have a good idea of how to handle my little one now in a number of different situations and I’m confident that I’ll be able to figure out what I don’t know without too much going wrong… 🙂

Oooo…my first post on our blog.

One thing Jeff and I have noticed during our little jaunt down pregnancy lane is that lots of people like to share information about our baby with us. Whether it’s the woman in the elevator who tells me it looks like I’m carrying twins or the ridiculous wealth of people who either tell me it looks like I’m carrying a boy or ask me insipid questions about my baby boy, I’ve come to enjoy these interactions with random people on the street. My favorite so far is the two men whose ratio of teeth to gummy vacancies is astounding. Yes, that’s right–even people who have no dental health like to share baby proclamations with me. I find this very entertaining. So far there have only been two such occurrences, but my hope is that prior to the baby being born, I’ll have the opportunity to engage in a few more conversations with these icons of dental hygiene.

Maybe I’m being too hard on these men. Or people in general–that wouldn’t be shocking coming from me. I don’t mean to be nasty–I smile politely and either correct or at the very least try not to backhand them (okay–that was really my reaction to just the one woman who was bigger than me and said it looked like I was carrying twins). And actually, the men without teeth were a lot more entertaining to talk to than a lot of the others. It occurred to me this morning, that the second man-with-lack-of-teeth that spoke to me may have actually been flirting with me a little bit. (Yes, I’m painfully slow in recognizing these things…) His comment was, “I hope it’s a girl.” (Followed by a rather dashing gummy smile and wink.)

Ahhh…the joys of pregnancy. I actually have enjoyed this for the most part. I find it a fascinating experiment in figuring out just how much disgusting information I can share with people about my personal body fluids/weight gain/fluid retention all in the name of pregnancy symptoms. And labor symptoms? Those are even better! I think I’ve already shared too much…but remember, it’s all in the name of a beautiful natural occurrence known as pregnancy!

We’re on the Web!

August 20, 2006

Well, Jessica is now 37 weeks preggo. This has prompted me to begin working on learning about and building various components of our web page. This way, when Revie arrives, we’ll have a full-blown web page to send out full of pictures and paragraphs for everyone to browse. woohoo! That’s the idea anyway. I’ve so far registered the domain name, worked with Jan to host the site under her domain (thanks for all the help Jan!), figured out how to link the two and now I’ve started the blog. All I have left is to figure out how to publish the blog in our website and we’ll be set!